Network Coverage

The Thuraya Coverage Map shows where connectivity is available for any Thuraya device. There are two Thuraya satellites shown above in their approximate locations above the equator. You may connect to either of the satellites using the same service plan.

Satellite Names and Orbital Locations

Thuraya-2 Orbital location (above the equator) is 44.0606° East
Thuraya-3 Orbital location (above the equator) is 98.5° East
Thuraya Primary NOC – Network Operations Center
Shajah UAE – 50 Kilometers North-East of Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Co-Location for client equipment at NOC pricing available
MPLS Private Networking available
Excellent In Stormy Weather
Since a Thuraya terminal uses the L-band for reception and transmission (the L-band has a very long wavelength), it is able penetrate through clouds and other atmospheric condition far better than large satellite dishes.

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